Risk Assessments

Why do you Need a Risk Assessment?

It’s a legal requirement for employers to assess the health and safety risks in their place of work. This is so you can put thought into where those risks are and protect against them accordingly. The aim is to minimise incidents, as such events are harmful to the running of the organisation.

The last thing you need is an unmanaged risk leading to damage to equipment and fittings, meaning lengthy repairs or costly replacement that brings your organisation to a halt. Worse comes if that risk leads to an injury to an employee or member of the public, which can result with you having to go to court.

That’s why it’s vital to ensure that not only your risk assessment is in place, but also that it’s as thorough as possible.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

At RB Health and Safety, we provide bespoke risk assessments from the hands of our fully qualified and experienced Health and Safety consultants. We have been trading since 2003, and are committed to delivering a clear and sensible risk assessments for theatres and productions. 

Rather than simply providing you a standard package, we cater the assessment to your venue / production. We can achieve this through a site visit or by you supplying us pictures.

Types of Risk Assessments

We can carry out a wide range of risk assessments. These range from assessing an individual processes or pieces of equipment, to various activities. Some common assessments undertaken by our consultants include manual handling, fire, work-related stress, and first aid.

On top of that, we can undertake more specialised assessments that are specific to your work. This can include working at height, display screen equipment (DSE) and care of substances hazardous to health (COSHH).

All our documentation follows the five-step risk assessment format as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This is to first identify the hazards.

Once identified, we decide who might be at risk. We then evaluate the risk and decide on precautions. Finally, after recording and implementing our findings, we review the assessment and update if necessary.

Get in Touch

We offer free advice, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are uncertain about risk assessments. Call us at  0845 257 1489 or email admin@rbhealthandsafety.co.uk and talk you though what we can offer your business.