Legionella Risk Assessment

Your business or property may need a Legionella risk assessment to comply with the law and with your industry’s standards. Uncontrolled risk in your workplace or property could lead to illness, prosecution and fines.

The risk from Legionella bacteria can be controlled in many ways; temperature control of stored water is usually the simplest and most effective. Other methods could include cleanliness and maintenance of premises and plant and ensure a regular turnover of stored water. In some cases other, more complex methods may be necessary, such as re-designing the plumbing systems, and ultra-violet or chemical sterilization of water.

The first step is a risk assessment …

What do RB Health and Safety Solutions offer?

Our assessors will provide an expert survey of your premises and then produce a HSE compliant risk assessment identifying the significant risks your business or property faces. We will take water samples and send them for laboratory analysis to check for Legionella bacteria in your water systems, then provide an action plan for you to take forward to ensure continued Legionella risk control.

Legionella Risk Assessment format

The assessment will contain clear reference to information gathering during the report (including colour photographs) and what, if any recommendations may be made.

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