Fire Emergency Plan

Emergency Plans & Contingency Planning

In the unfortunate event of a fire breaking out, it’s vital that everybody knows what to do and how to safely leave the building.

Studies have shown that human behaviour during a fire can be highly unpredictable without a clear plan in place.

Your emergency plan should be produced only after a fire risk assessment has been compiled and should be based on its findings. It should be clearly written down and easily available for staff, occupiers, visitors, and enforcing authorities to see.

In larger, multi-tenant buildings (office blocks, etc.), your emergency plan should be produced in consultation with other occupants – however, it’s usually enough to have one emergency plan to cover the whole building. Typically, responsibility for this lies with the managing agent or owner.

In order to effectively implement evacuation procedures, remember to consider contingency plans for unusual or unpredictable situations including:

  • Unaccompanied, unattended, or lost children
  • People wanting to access the building after leaving
  • Personal belongings or valuables left inside

How Can RB Health and Safety Solutions Help?

We have a number of Fire Safety Risk Assessors, all of whom have extensive practical experience as Fire Safety Enforcement Officers. Our team can arrange to have your contingency plans drawn up for you and will meet with you to explain them clearly and in detail.

Your Emergency Plan Format

The Emergency Plan will follow a specific format:

  • Action on discovering a fire
  • Warning of fire
  • Calling the fire brigade
  • Evacuation of premises (including those particularly at risk)
  • Power/Process Isolation
  • Places of Assembly and Roll Call
  • Liaison with Emergency Services
  • Identification of Key Exit/Escape Routes
  • Provided Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Specific Fire Extinguisher Responsibilities
  • Training Required: Information Distribution to Relevant Persons

Remember – an emergency plan is only as good as your team’s awareness of it. Test regularly by practicing it!

To find out more on how our consultancy can help you put these plans together or for a quote you can call 0845 254 1489 or email