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Published 15 Feb in

Health and Safety Tom Cruise Style

Knife to the eye – safety goggles -Pay attention to the fight director. -Rehearsals are key. -Clever camera work. -Knowing the equipment, you are working with. -Knowing your colleague and working together.

Published 20 Nov in

New Team Member - Ian Rose

​Recently RB Health & Safety Solutions added a new full-time team member, who has a speciality of work and rescue at height and occupational noise regulations. Ian Rose or ‘Billy’ to his friends, has been involved in working at height for over 15 years, having been in the Military and Fire & Rescue Service for 35 years. While in the Fire & Rescue Service he was able to work part-time which he’s been doing for us for many years, before retiring from the Service and coming to work for us full time.

Published 6 Sep in

Health & Safety Responsibilities as a Director

Although the health and safety picture in the UK has improved significantly over the past twenty years, accidents do still happen. In the modern legal environment, if directors are proven to have been responsible for causing an accident, then a jail sentence could occur.

Published 22 Aug in

Fire Marshals - What are they, Why are they Important and Who can be a Fire Marshal?

Fire Marshals are members of staff who have a duty to prevent fires from breaking out and for ensuring that should one occur, everything is in place and everything can be done to minimise its impact on the employees, the public and the business.

Published 20 Jul in

Fire Safety Audit

The horror of Grenfell struck home to many just how devastating fire can still be, even in an age when we think we have it under control.Through better legislation, better practices and better technology, in recent years fire safety in the UK has improved considerably. From nearly 600 fatalities from fire in 2000/01, the figure has dropped to just 261 in 2016/17. The same trend is true for non-fatal casualties, which has seen a drop from 14,000 to 3,297 across the same period.But although there is much to take comfort from in these figures, as Grenfell proved, devastating fires still take place.

Published 20 Jul in

Health and Safety Responsibilities

In the UK, employers don’t just have to mandatorily insure themselves against accident or injury for those working for them, they also have to put systems in place to try to ensure that accidents and injuries (to anyone) don’t take place in the first instance.

Published 6 Apr in

Royal Opera House Ruling On Hearing Loss Claim from Musician

A viola player who suffered a life-changing hearing injury at a rehearsal in the Royal Opera House has been awarded £750,000. Find out what health and safety breaches the Royal Opera House made and how you can avoid making similar costly errors.

Published 11 Jan in

Our IOSH Accredited Training Courses

The Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) is a recognised professional body. It oversees one of the recognised standards in occupational and public health and safety.

Published 13 Oct in

Health and Safety Procedures

​Putting together your company’s Health & Safety policies is no mean feat. There are many significant elements to consider, many of which are required from each business by law and are expected to be conducted to a set standard.

Published 6 Oct in

What Childcare Providers Need to Know about Health & Safety

Childcare managers and supervisors must be mindful of a whole new realm of health & safety concerns as well as those that apply when dealing with adults-only spaces.

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