​Occupational Health

Occupational Health seeks to promote and maintain the physical and mental well-being of employees. The importance of occupational health at work should never be underestimated, essentially it is about preventing and treating job-related injuries or illnesses, it deals with all aspects of health and safety and can be both proactive and reactive.

Simply put, Occupational Health focuses on the way work affects your employee’s health and how an employee’s health effects their work.

Our team of experienced and qualified healthcare professionals provide a wide range of services to help you proactively monitor your employee’s health, allowing you to ensure your staff are well, productive and ‘in work’.

Noise Risk Assessments for Theatre and Production

A Noise Risk Assessment enables employers to identify those who may be exposed to excessive levels of noise during their work activities. Noise Risk Assessments are an essential tool to help protect all employees from avoidable hearing damage. Initially an RB Health and Safety consultant will conduct an active noise monitoring survey to establish existing control measures and determine your compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. Following consultation, a Noise Risk Assessment will be undertaken, this will identify noise hazards and establish whether the lower and upper exposure action values are being exceeded. The risk assessment will: Identify which workers are at risk of hearing loss, determine the sources of noise, activities and processes which are putting workers at risk, assess effectiveness of existing control measures and recommend control measures.

Employee audiometry

Audiometry is a method of hearing check which measures the sensitivity of hearing over a range of sound frequencies.It is an essential control measure if your staff work in a noisy environment or are exposed to loud noise as part of their working life. RB Health and Safety Solutions offer an expert mobile audiometry service which provides a convenient on-site option, minimising disruption to your business.This type of screening can detect early damage to hearing resulting from exposure to excessive noise. Early detection will enable you to implement control measures which will protect staff and ensure employers meet both their moral and legal responsibility.