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Our IOSH Accredited Training Courses

The Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) is a recognised professional body. It oversees one of the recognised standards in occupational and public health and safety.

They’ve examined all aspects of workplace health and safety.

IOSH Certification Through RB Health & Safety

We offer several courses which provide IOSH-recognised certification in different fields and at different levels of work.

We offer courses in managing safely (theatrical variant also available) and working safely (theatrical version here) depending upon the candidate’s role and responsibilities within the company.

Managing safely is a vital skill for the protection of your staff, customers, and any guests. It can also help reduce the risk of damage to premises or equipment, preventing costly shutdowns.

We recommend that anyone in a position of authority be taught what managing safely means.

Similarly, the course in working safely teaches lower-ranked team members what they need to know and do in the event of an emergency.

These courses encourage candidates to be aware of issues before they happen. With this training you can reduce the risk of accidents as well as making individual accidents less disruptive.

By ensuring you comply with IOSH recommendations you can be confident in improved safety at work. You may also be able to reduce insurance premiums.

How up to date is your staff’s understanding of working safely? If you’re not sure, it may be time to arrange for one of our courses.

Have any questions about which courses are applicable to your workplace, who should be certified in what, or anything else concerning the IOSH? Please don’t delay – get in touch today and we’ll be happy to discuss your circumstances and needs.