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What Childcare Providers Need to Know about Health & Safety

Childcare managers and supervisors must be mindful of a whole new realm of health & safety concerns as well as those that apply when dealing with adults-only spaces.

For any childcare setting, managing health & safety appropriately is essential. The nature of risk assessments is different – and that change alone changes everything else, as you work to resolve all issues in the risk assessment.

There are also additional legal requirements concerning the childcare industry which have to be taken into account.

Making Sure You’re Prepared

RB Health & Safety offer a course in Health & Safety for Childcare Providers specifically designed to make sure you know what you need to know to solve these issues. It covers OFSTED requirements, ensuring you meet the legal requirements and can provide a safe environment.

All supervisors, managers and senior safety personnel working in the industry should be certified and have the understanding and training we aim to provide, and this one-day course is one of the best ways to achieve that standard.

We take you through everything from the creation of the risk assessment and development of the health and safety file through to implementing solutions and planning long-term improvement.

If you’ve got any questions about the course, please get in touch.