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Published 12 Jul in

Fire Awareness Training: Peace of Mind

Fire awareness training is available from RB Health & Safety. Bring your team’s understanding up to compliance and gain peace of mind.

Published 12 Jul in

Should You Really Put Off a Risk Assessment?

While a risk assessment is often the office’s lowest priority, there are reasons to make sure it doesn’t keep getting pushed down the list.

Published 12 Jul in

Are Your Staff First Aid Trained?

First Aid trained staff are essential for your premises to have the required First Aiders at Work. RB Health & Safety’s First Aid at Work course can help.

Published 6 Jun in

What Do You Need from your Fire Marshals?

You need to know your theatre’s Fire Marshals are up to the job. We look at how many you need and what training they have to receive – so stay safe.

Published 25 May in

Critical Security Threat Level - Advice for Theatres

The UK Government has raised the security threat level to Critical following the Manchester Bombing. This means that another attack is considered imminent. Theatres could be considered targets for future attacks so it's important to remain vigilant. Here are some things you can do to ensure you keep your theatres and its patrons safe.

Published 4 May in

How Confident are You in Your Fire Safety?

What goes into a professional workplace fire safety policy? Are your premises’ fire plans up to date? What should you do if you’re not sure? Find out here.

Published 13 Apr in

Coping with Contractors: Health & Safety Management

When you bring in contractors, you need to know how that affects venue health & safety – for them and for your place of work. What do you watch for?

Published 6 Apr in

When Was Your Last Workplace Safety Audit?

When did you last commission a workplace Health & Safety Audit? A new one may be a more urgent requirement than you realise. We look at why.

Published 6 Apr in

Outdoor Staging Safety

​Outdoor plays and performances are a feature of the British summer now, but it’s still important to have safety procedures in place. What should you know?

Published 6 Apr in

Playing with Fire Safely

RB Health and Safety draw on over ten years of training and consultation to provide a robust guide on playing with fire safely in theatres.

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