Theatres and Production Health and Safety Audit

Why do you need an audit?

The health and safety audit is an essential part of your health and safety management system. Legal guidance document (HSG 65) identifies that health and safety audits are required to check that your policy is being implemented whilst enabling you to measure your performance. Over time, management systems can become stale or obsolete due to change, leaving your organisation non-compliant with health and safety law. A properly- conducted health and safety audit is vital to ensure that your health and safety management system is functional, relevant, and up to date. Your audit will consider theatre and production specific standards such as ABTT Technical Standards for Places of Entertainment.

What do RB Health and Safety Solutions offer?

As theatre specialists we undertake audits on a regular basis which means that we are able to offer a unique bespoke service. We will provide you with a fully qualified and highly experienced Health and Safety Consultant who will produce a full report on the current effectiveness of your health and safety systems, and what you can do to build on it's strengths, and combat any weaknesses.

Audit report format

The report will contain clear reference to information gathered during the audit (including photographs), and what, if any, improvements may be made.

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