Health and Safety Consultancy for Theatres

When it comes to theatres, you can be certain that our highly qualified consultants will find a sensible solution for your needs.

Work at Height Risk Assessment for Theatre and Production

Falls from Height are still the biggest killer in the work place, if you have staff Working at Height you must have a suitable and sufficient Work At Height Risk Assessment in place, RB Health and Safety Solutions have experienced competent consultants to produce these for you to ensure that not only your Work at Height Risk Assessment is in place, but also that it’s as thorough as possible.

Work at Height PPE Inspection

Our Certificated Competent PPE Inspectors can inspect your Work at Height Equipment in your venue and provide you with a detailed Inspection Report to comply with the relevant legislation

Security Plans (Major Incident Plans)

Would you like a specialist security consultant to write your security plans and ensure that your staff are familiar with what actions to take should the worst happen? If so please call our offices on 0845 2571489 to speak to one of our security consultants who will want to learn about your business and discuss the packages we are able to offer.

Major Incident Plans

For security plans and major incident plans, our experts will be able to produce security plans for your staff that will ensure that, should there be an incident, they are fully informed as to what actions they need to take. Our consultants are available at 0845 2571489 to help discuss what package might be right for you and how we can cater our incident plans to precisely what your theatre needs.

Risk Assessments

With our experience in all things safety you can rest assured that we can keep your theatre safety compliant in a way that makes sense and covers all of your unique requirements. A risk assessment with us means that you’ve taken the most important step in protecting your business, specifically for your business, thus minimising the risk of incident.

Theatres and Production Health and Safety Audit

Our safety professionals understand the industry and demands of theatre, so you can be certain that our health and safety audits are the most comprehensive for your needs. We can identify and assess theatre risks better than others in the business and can ensure that you are being held to industry standards that are quite often different to the norm. As well as our standard health and safety procedure audits, we can offer full backstage observation for production audits and full venue inspections for theatre audits. This way we ensure that your theatre is as thoroughly protected as possible.