Ear Plug Fitting

Exposure to loud noise can cause serious and irreparable hearing damage. Wearing appropriate hearing protection can reduce your risk and protect you from sudden loud noise and noisy environments at both home and at work.

Hearing protection should be issued to employees:

  • where extra protection is needed above what has been achieved using noise control
  • as a short-term measure while other methods of controlling noise are being developed

You should not use hearing protection as an alternative to controlling noise by technical and organisational means. Hearing protection will only be effective when used and fitted correctly. It should be worn at all times in a noisy environment, as removing it for only a few minutes will considerably lower the protection to the wearer.

Employers must give users instructions in the correct fitting and use of hearing protection.

This includes:

  • why you are issuing hearing protectors
  • how to fit hearing protectors properly
  • where and when they must be used
  • how to avoid potential interference on the effectiveness of their hearing protection

RB Health and Safety Solutions have put together a simple to use Ear Plug Toolbox Talk, an Explanation Training Video and a free to download poster to help inform and educate your employees. These can be downloaded from the links below.

For information on Noise Risk Assessments for Theatre and Production and Employee Audiometry, please visit our Occupational Health page.


Ear Plug Toolbox Talk