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Are Your Staff First Aid Trained?

Are your staff first aid trained?

When was the last time you arranged for your staff to attend a first aid course? First aid certification lasts for three years at a time, and between employers forgetting this fact and allowing too many to lapse and key employees moving to other jobs, it’s not that rare for a company to suddenly find itself with no first aiders on the premises for a given shift.

Stay Regulation Ready

UK regulations mean employers have a legal duty to make First Aid provisions within their workplace, and being ready to handle these emergencies requires trained individuals to be present whenever your premises are active.

But it’s not just about meeting regulations; the rest of your staff will be much happier knowing that someone on site knows what to do in a crisis, and let’s not forget – so will you.

Peak Skills

First aid certification lapses after three years because first aiders are there for emergencies, and don’t use their skills often enough to keep them at the level needed to deal with emergencies.

We offer a First Aid at Work course designed to bring up to twelve of your staff at once up to the skill levels needed to keep your work safe and compliant with the regulations.

The course is designed to be suitable and sufficient for anyone designated a First Aider at Work, and will be further tailored to your specific workplace – so if there are any unusual hazards in your business which make a particular accident more likely, we will place extra focus upon it.