COVID Screening Jobs for Nurses

At RB Health and Safety Solutions, we've been helping the country fight back against the coronavirus by conducting COVID screening to maximise safety in the workplace - and we want you to help us! We are happy to announce our COVID screening jobs for nurses.

The pandemic, and the changes we have had to make, has had a huge effect on how we live and how we work. Many industries have had to shut their doors, often without an end in sight - but at RB Health and Safety Solutions, we want to change that with our COVID screening jobs for nurses. 

COVID screening jobs for nurses - join our rapid COVID testing team

For an employer, going back to work after a national lockdown is bound to be unnerving. Although you cannot eliminate the risk of COVID-19, our screening services will provide reassurance to staff and the wider organisation to catch signs of the infection quickly and keep employees, their loved ones and the community safe.

That’s where you come in. By joining our fight, you would be actively helping people know their COVID infection status in less than thirty minutes, allowing them to protect their loved ones, protect their colleagues and making sure we can all get back to the everyday life that we can enjoy safely.

We use on-site antigen screening - a method that uses swab specimens from the upper respiratory tract to produce results within 30 minutes. This rapid kit looks for the presence of a nucleoprotein that the virus carries, helping to identify which individuals would need to self-isolate in order to protect the rest of the workforce and keep the economy functioning.

We're excited to be looking for more nurses to help us do this. No previous experience of COVID screening is required as full training will be provided, alongside excellent rates of pay.

If you are a nurse interested in a COVID screening job that will provide an essential service to help get our country back to normal, we want to hear from you.

Who are RB Health & Safety Solutions?

We offer a lighthearted, common-sense approach to health and safety, using our expertise to help companies and local authorities protect and train their employees.

Making the most of recent guidance from the UK Government, the NHS and the World Health Organisation, we are helping businesses get back on track after the COVID pandemic.

We provide COVID-19 training, conduct risk assessments and deliver rapid screening as a convenient workplace screening tool. Together with our employees, we are fighting back against COVID-19.

During the pandemic, we have been working closely with theatre production teams to enable fantastic stage performances to go ahead by providing testing programmes for staff, musicians and performers as part of the remobilisation plans.

Click here to apply or find out more about our COVID screening jobs for nurses by getting in touch today.