Services and resources to maximise workplace safety in the COVID era.

COVID testing for offices

RB Health and Safety Solutions provide COVID-19 antigen testing for offices and businesses. All tests are carried out by a qualified nurse at your premises.

COVID Screening in Colleges and Universities

Keep staff and students safe with COVID Screening in universities and colleges. RB Health & Safety can provide rapid results in 15-30 minutes.

Covid-19 Training

We have recently developed virtual training courses including Covid-19 First Aid Top Up, Covid-19 Compliance Officer training, and Covid-19 Remobilisation for Schools to help our clients during Covid-19.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Drawing on our collective years of experience in the occupational safety and health industry, we have a good knowledge of the most recent guidance from the Government, the World Health Organisation, and the NHS, and put together a ‘COVID-19 Remobilisation Assessment’ to help you to meet the responsibility you have, as an employer, to keep you, your staff and others safe.

COVID-19 Antibody Screening

RB Health and Safety Solutions Ltd are now providing rapid screening kits, these kits provide results within 10 minutes and are an ideal workplace screening tool. Recently used by the Red Cross to screen the entire population of Monaco, these kits have been supplied to governments, hospitals, care homes and businesses around the world in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Screening

Some people may have the COVID-19 virus and appear healthy or only experience mild symptoms. It is important to identify those infected so they can isolate themselves, reduce the risk of passing it to others and seek appropriate care.

COVID-19 Resources

Resources to aid a safe workplace environment, including our Return to Work questionnaire, downloadable safety signs, and a Covid-19 Supplier list.

Testing for international travel

RB Health and Safety is an approved government provider of COVID-19 testing for international travel.