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Work at Height Rescue Plan Refresher Training


Do you have Work at Height & Rescue from Height Competent Staff?

RB Health and Safety Solutions Ltd recommend refreshing your Work at Height & Rescue Trained staff at a minimum of every 6 months, Its a good idea to train on your venue specific Work at Height Rescue Plans in the event of a real emergency, RB Health and Safety can supply a Competent Work at Height Training Instructor to supervise these sessions

Why do Refresher Training?

It will give your staff the opportunity to practice Rescue Training in a Team environment, to simulate what may happen in a real emergency event, this is overseen by a Competent Work at Height Training Instructor, who can guide and refresh the skills needed to achieve a Safe Work at Height Rescue in a timely fashion, these sessions are carried out using Live Casualties (one of the crew) this gives the Rescuer the unique perspective of being a casualty but in a controlled manner, this is to help you comply with Regulation 4 of the Work at Height Regulations 2005

Who is it for?

This Training is for anyone who is Work at Height & Rescue from Height Competent (certificated within 3 years) and will form part of a venue Rescue Team in the event of a Work at Height Rescue Situation

What will the Training cover?

  • The venue specific Rescue Plans
  • Hierarchy of Rescue Control 
  • Rescue Equipment
  • Personal Safety
  • PPE Equipment Selection
  • Anchor points
  • Post Rescue Casualty care

Who do we do this for?

  • Delfont Mackintosh Theatres
  • Nimax Theatres Ltd
  • Chickenshed

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