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Evacuation Chair Training

Implementing an evacuation chair (or ‘evac chair’) is becoming an increasingly wide-spread method by which business can ensure the highest levels of safety in their establishments. An evacuation chair means that all patrons and staff can be moved to a place of safety in an emergency whatever their mobility levels.

If your business has an evacuation chair, adequate training is vital to ensure that your staff can use this piece of equipment safely, appropriately, and confidently.

Our evacuation chair course is designed to ensure that candidates know what is expected of them and how to practically use the chair in a real-life situation.

We ask that you send your evacuation chair’s make and model to our office seven working days before the course start date. That way we can ensure that we are delivering training relevant to the operation of your evacuation chair.

Who should attend?

Anyone who might be in a situation to handle evacuating those who need help escaping unsafe premises.

What will they learn?

The training will cover the basics of evacuation chair use, including set-up, checks, functions, safety features, use and stowing. The course will also be followed by an important practical element that makes use of the chairs in your venue to ensure that all candidates are familiar with their operation.

Course content

  • Legislation relating to fire evacuation strategies
  • Introduction to Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Theory on the use of the evacuation chair
  • Practical use of the evacuation chair
  • Limitations of use and safety considerations
  • Returning to the building when safe
  • Management of the evacuation chair


All Candidates receive an RB Health and Safety Solutions Evacuation Chair certificate valid for 3 years on successful completion of the course.

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  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Max candidates : 6
  • Price: South East £554.00 / London £604.00 (plus VAT)
  • Assessment: Continuous practical assessment
  • Accredited by: RB Health and Safety Solutions Ltd

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