For Theatres

Audience Response Training

The aim of this course is to enable candidates to prevent and identify conflict within the theatre industry and when dealing with patrons. Candidates will also be given some basic techniques to protect themselves when conflict management techniques have failed, and a physical attack happens, covering basic break away techniques and documentation which is needed post incident. 

Who should attend?

Theatre staff who will be dealing with the patrons within the theatre. 

What will they learn?

Candidates will learn how to be proactive in customer service approach to be able to reduce frustration levels.


  • No Jewellery (except for wedding bands)
  • Suitable footwear must be worn (this will be flat shoes with a good grip). Open toed shoes and heels will not be permitted to be worn whilst undertaking physical skills training.
  • Delegates must be medically fit to take part in this course due to the physical activities undertaken.

Venue requirements:

Suitable space for theory input as well as a suitable open plan area for practical elements.

Course content

  • Types of behaviour
  • Primary control measures
  • Recognition of the different types of flashpoints
  • Crowds / queues
  • Identifying and responding to aggressive behaviour
  • Body language / active listening
  • Rapport building
  • Model for managing aggression
  • Exit routes
  • The law
  • Reporting
  • Breakaway training - the training will be delivered dynamically in various locations to mimic the real-life incidents that staff encounter this will also serve to allow delegates to be able to remember their training to be able to respond more effectively.
  • Report writing and de-briefing 


Successful Candidates will receive an RB Health and Safety Solutions Certificate, which is valid for 3 years. 

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  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Max candidates : 10
  • Price: £850.00 (plus VAT)
  • Assessment: Continuous practical assessment
  • Accredited by: RB Health and Safety Solutions Ltd

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