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Who’s Your Health and Safety Officer?

Do you know who your company’s Health & Safety Officers – the people responsible for handling work-related or accidental injuries, as well as for organising a calm exit from the building for everyone, checking to ensure everyone’s out, etc., in the event of a fire - are?

More importantly, does everyone on your staff know who they are?

Health & Safety Officers

Unlike first aiders, health & safety officers may or may not be officially named, but they should be known. In the event of an accident, you need a single voice with the authority – and the training – to keep order and execute the plans developed from your risk assessment.

They should be familiar with your most recent Health & Safety Audit and may have responsibility for arranging the next.

Depending upon your industry, your health & safety officer may need any or all of a wide range of training courses to be ready for their work.

However, most of all, you need to know who they are. It’s vital that everyone knows who to turn to and whose voice to listen to. If you can’t give an answer to that right now – if you’re suddenly realising that you’ve never had one voice to focus on, or that your officer left your company or retired some while ago – what chance does your team have?

RB Health & Safety is here to support you in finding your safety officer, providing any training they may need, and offering consulting services to give them the right material to work with.

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