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Welcome to Our Blog

RB Health and Safety Solutions is proud to announce the creation of our new blog!

As you’d expect if you know us or if you’ve spent time elsewhere on our website, we’ll be dedicating our blog to take a reader-friendly expert look at health and safety in general, how the industry is changing and whether (and how) those changes will affect you, and anything notable going on with our company as a whole.

What’s This All About?


As you’d expect from the name, RB Health and Safety Solutions is a company dedicated to providing high quality advice and training on best practice, regulation requirements, and more in the field of health and safety to our clients; theatres, other businesses, local authorities and individuals.

We know that for the majority of people who are visiting this site for the first time, your knowledge of correct H&S procedure is going to be spotty and possibly out of date – but that’s OK; that’s what we’re here for.

Health and safety protocols are about more than the regulations alone; they’re something people don’t often like thinking about but which can genuinely save lives. You should always think of relevant regulations as a ‘minimum safe standard’.

Mission Statement

It’s easy for us to be passionate about making sure our clients are up-to-date on requirements and recommendations; we know we’re helping everyone to stay safe and (just as important) to know that they’re safe.

We’re committed to delivering a top-quality service with clear explanations that are actually relevant to your situation and making sure we always give you the common-sense explanation – because sometimes, it’s only common sense when you already have experience in the field.

We have a team of tutors and consultants with experience in many fields, and we’ll always be sure to assign the most appropriate experts to a client – making sure you have the best service possible.