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Should You Really Put Off a Risk Assessment?

Business has been constant. There’s plenty of paperwork and admin to be handled in the back office just dealing with restocking essentials, managing employee timesheets, arranging payments and logging transactions.

You’ve had to take on some new staff, and they need training, their contracts need to be signed and filed, and so on and so forth.

A notification pops up on your office’s electronic calendar. It’s time for a new risk assessment – but there’s so much to be done.

A Difficult Decision

The busiest premises and venues are the most likely to skimp on organising an update to risk assessments, simply because it’s an easy choice to push down the priority list – and in the busiest firms, nobody ever reaches the bottom of their priority lists.

As new processes are introduced and the scope of the business expands, the result is that more assessments are needed, making this an increasingly daunting task and one that doesn’t directly improve the business’ bottom line. The result is a chilling effect as making the call to arrange revised and updated assessments becomes a more difficult decision.

However, risk assessments aren’t just necessary for businesses with four or more employees under the Health and Safety at Work (1974) legislation – they’re vital for keeping safety protocols up to date, keeping your team (and visitors) safe, and they’ll help out at insurance time too.

Keeping Up to Date

Making sure that you’re set for the foreseeable future is important, and taking the time out to make sure risk assessments are up to date can save you a lot of time in the future.

Contact us today and we’ll arrange a time to get you back on track with minimal delay to your business.