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RB Health & Safety Featured in Professional Dissertation

RB Health & Safety Featured in Professional Dissertation

In our second blog, we touched on the importance of training to the safe use of Tallescopes as a major area of safety concern within a theatre.

Accompanying this course revision, Paul Edwards, one of the Network’s leading lights, has compiled and released a substantial dissertation on the safe use of the Tallescope, paying particular attention to what rescue plans theatres and other venues has in place for the use of Tallescopes.

Mr Edwards surveyed multiple venues and also interviewed a number of industry figures for extra information.

To our great satisfaction, Robin Townley, the CEO of ABTT, while discussing the various rescue kits and solutions, had great things to say about our own rescue systems, noting that there’s “no restriction on when or how often you could practice using it… he preferred the RB Health and Safety solutions system since it did not involve any of the rescue party working at height” and much more.

Tallescopes are a necessary part of working at height within the theatre and ensuring that the appropriate Health & Safety steps are taken – and that everyone involved in the operation of the Tallescope is trained to the right standard – is, as a result, essential.

It’s because of this that Tallescope safety protocols – including protocols for retrieving an injured Tallescope operator – are covered in our courses, particularly our advanced Positioning & Rescue At Height course (although, please note that this course assumes attendees will already have completed Work at Height and Rescue from Height courses beforehand).

We also make it part of our consultancy to check that a procedure is in place, that appropriate staff members know the procedure, and that they drill it at intervals to show they still know it.

If you have any further questions about procedure, safety, and Tallescopes, why not contact us here, at [email protected], or on 0845 257 1489? We’ll be happy to take you through anything you want to know.