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Playing with Fire Safely

Fire risks are everywhere, and this is as true in the theatre as anywhere else. From risks such as hot lighting rigs and sound equipment wiring, to pyrotechnics and fire-use on stage, there’s a lot to be considered and protected against.  RB Health & Safety Solutions provide a comprehensive service on Fire Safety that will ensure that you are adherent to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Awareness and Prevention

Our aim is to help you manage fire risks properly, no matter the size.In our Fire Awareness course, we provide essential training to ensure the safety of all those within your premises. Delivering an understanding of the way fire behaves and the general precautions you can take, we strive to lower the possibility of fire incidents. Not only is this vital for even the smallest risk, but it will also allow you to properly manage and assess the risks involved when using fire as a part of a performance, and help you see to it that all the necessary precautions are in place to keep everything safe and compliant.

 Our assessors can also help you outline your emergency procedures should an incident occur, which can be catered specifically to your venue. Whether by a visit to the site itself or by photographs you supply, we’ll be able to advise you on how best to behave during an emergency in a manner that contextually relates to your working environment.


Fire Marshal and Evac Chair Training

To go alongside our Fire Awareness course we can help with the training of a Fire Marshal. This course is as extensive and engaging as our other course, but pinpoints the responsibilities of the designated fire marshal, drawing on RB Health & Safety’s extensive knowledge and experience with fire safety. This course can include practical fire-fighting demonstrations provided there is space to do so.

 With the increase in Evacuation Chairs being used by theatres, we offer training to help ensure that staff, performers and attendees that are mobility impaired can be evacuated safely from the building. The course we provide will ensure that those trained are confident in the use of evac chairs so that anyone who needs them can be taken out of harm’s way and into a place of ultimate safety.

Leaving Nothing to Chance

Our intention is to help your business meet the legal requirements for fire safety. Through our comprehensive courses, we aim to make sure that your staff are managing risks adequately within your theatre and that they know what to do in the case of an emergency. With our certification, we can see to it that nothing is left to chance when it comes to protecting against fire.

 If you’d like to discuss fire risk issues that have arisen at your venue, or to arrange an assessment of your venue, you can reach us by emailing [email protected] or calling 0845 257 1489.