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Outdoor Staging Safety

As we move ever closer to summer, outdoor events, plays, and other theatrical performances loom large on the calendar at many theatres and other venues who’ll be providing expertise, crew, and often their name for promotion to these open-air performances.

 Outdoor Plays Light up the Summer

The rise of the “Play in the Park” has become an annual highlight for families and theatre lovers alike, providing enthusiasts in cities up and down the UK with a little extra spectacle incorporated into their play.

Playing it Safe

Of course, your theatre safety audit is of limited use when you transfer venue, particularly to an outside venue. Once the performance’s director and stage designer have put a design in place that satisfies them, the real work can begin.

A well-organised crew with health & safety training is a necessity here, not just for the stage but for any audience measures and lighting rigs too. Our advanced course, Work Positioning & Rescue at Height for Theatre & Production, has come in for praise recently and could prove essential for many productions outdoors.

Summer Spectacles

While extra work, training, and paperwork has to be done to keep everyone safe, there’s still a glamour and ‘special’ atmosphere to these performances – and a sense of accessibility and family-friendliness – that makes them a great way to foster links with your community and to build love for the theatre.

It’s well worth going the extra mile to put on a performance like this, and if you have any concerns about proper procedures, we encourage you to contact us through our form, over the phone at 0845 257 1489, or by email at [email protected].

We look forward to hearing from you.