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Are You Managing Safely?

Managing Safely means being aware of hidden hazards at work

The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has developed a series of guidelines and recommendations for all aspects of safety in the workplace, but too many businesses are unsure how to put these into practice.

These are reviewed regularly and updated to make sure they always provide the best advice possible; as a result, compliance with IOSH protocols not only keeps your team (and any visitors or customers on your premises) safer but can also demonstrate to insurance brokers that you take this safely, potentially reducing your premiums.

To set your staff’s minds at ease and to ensure you comply with all the latest guidelines – not to mention making your team and any visitors to your premises safer (with potential insurance benefits!) – IOSH have produced guidelines on Managing Safely, allowing managers to assess and control risks, identify and respond to hazards, and properly investigate accidents and incidents to prevent reoccurrence.

Learning to Manage Safely

We offer a 4-day course totalling 24 hours’ training which will bring your managers, supervisors, and any senior safety personnel up to full understanding. This course is essential for anyone in a management position – and can greatly improve safety for everyone on the premises, with all the extra benefits that raises.

We can deliver this training as an evening course or during the day according to your requirements. Completion of written and practical assessments will merit an IOSH certificate in Managing Safely.